Sand Cove Emergency Bank Protection


Diamond D's performance on this project earned the 2005 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, South Pacific Division Champions Award.

The Sand Cove Emergency Bank Protection project was a challenge because it was the first erosion control bank stabilization project that incorporated environmentally sensitive means and methods. The project consisted of 750 lineal feet of erosion control and bank stabilization along the Sacramento River. The mission was to stabilize the bank erosion and protect Native American archeological artifacts throughout the project site. The project also accommodated the Native American community's request for placement of native plant species, woody debris, and wildlife habitat within the water-line. Over 1,200 yards of Quarry Rock, 3,000 yards of Soil Fill and 775 plants were placed along the levee walls. Over 112 boulders and 200 trees were strategically placed along the in-stream bank to protect the fish habitat and prevent wave erosion. The protection of existing trees and the use of native vegetation were vital to project success. The preservation of Native American artifacts made this project challenging and unique.


  • Placed 3,000 tons of Quarry Rock
  • Placed 4,600 tons of Soil
  • Placed 112, 4 foot wide Boulders
  • Placed 220 Pistachio Trees
  • Planted 775 various Plants

Owner: City of Sacramento

Contract Value: $812,530.29 Completion Date: November 22, 2006

Reference: Available Upon Request