Pleasant Grove Wastewater Treatment Plant Outfall


This project involved the construction of a 160 cubic yard concrete outfall structure designed to protect the existing stream from erosion. Diamond D installed 120 lineal feet of 60" of reinforced concrete pipe. We also built, oiled and chip sealed a 22,000 square foot access roadway. Erosion Control measures were taken to protect the slopes and stream banks. Two acres were hydroseeded and 6,700 square feet of "ArmorFlex" concrete blocks were placed on a 2:1 slope.


  • Implement SWPP Plan
  • Temporary construction fencing
  • Identify and protect vernal pools
  • Clear and grub
  • Coffer dam creek
  • Dewater construction site
  • Control water in creek
  • Structural excavation
  • Install 60" RCP
  • Form structure
  • Pour concrete structure (166 yards)
  • Backfill structure
  • Set mechanical trash racks and duck bills
  • Place "ArmorFlex" block slope protection
  • Place geotextile fabrics
  • Finish grade around structures
  • Restore riparian area along creek
  • Build 2,700' of access road, oil and chip seal
  • Build and place handrails
  • Install security fencing and gates
  • Hydro-seed approximately 2 acres

Owner: City of Roseville

Contract Value: $502,000 Completion Date: April 2003

Reference: Available Upon Request