Huff's Corner Emergency Bank Stabilization


Diamond D constructed an emergency bank stabilization project at two locations on the South bank of Cache Creek in Yolo County where erosion of the creek bank was threatening to undercut roadways. We cleared and grubbed both locations, constructed a dewatering channel to divert flows away from the repair areas, excavated and removed native soils, placed and compacted imported soil reinforced with 100,000 square feet of geogrid to construct stable embankments, and armored the embankments by placing 9, 500 tons of rip-rap and 900 willow tree cuttings. 17,000 cubic yards of sandy soil was removed and replaced with an equal amount of imported soil to ensure the hydraulic capacity of the creek was unchanged.

Water quality was protected in Cache Creek by rerouting it away from the active construction zone and maintaining a continuous silt fence. Additional care was taken to protect the habitat of the endangered Valley Elderberry Longhorn Beetle by fencing it off with orange construction fencing. Low-ground-pressure CD 110 carriers were also used to minimize environmental impacts to the sensitive area.


  • Place silt fencing to protect water quality
  • Fence off elderberry bushes
  • Construct dewatering channel
  • Clear and grub
  • Excavate and remove 17,000 cubic yards of sandy soils
  • Place and compact 17,000 cubic yards of imported clay soils
  • Place 100,000 square feet of geogrid
  • Place 9,500 tons of Rip-Rap to armor embankments
  • Plant 900 willow cuttings

Owner: County of Yolo Planning, Resources and Public Works Department

Contract Value: $1,549,689 Completion Date: October 15, 2007

Reference: Available Upon Request