Safe, environmentally responsible demolition requires extensive planning, preparation, and coordination. Diamond D has experience coordinating with utility service providers and cutting and capping utility services to isolate buildings to be demolished. We have also coordinated surveys and the removal of hazardous materials, such as cooling system refrigerants, asbestos-containing materials, and lead-based paint and secured required environmental permits prior to demolition.


Whenever possible, Diamond D utilizes unique equipment or approaches to maximize recycling and reduce environmental impacts. For example at Travis AFB, Diamond D is utilizing a heavy duty shredder to pulverize demolition debris to about one-quarter the volume that conventional equipment would, benefiting the environment by recovering metals for recycling, conserving landfill space, and reducing the number of trips to the landfill and back by three-quarters. In addition, Diamond D donated hundreds of appliances such as gas ranges, dishwashers, and refrigerators from housing units to be demolished at Travis AFB to the Salvation Army.