Big Stump Entrance Station


This project was awarded for the construction of a new entrance/fee collection facility for Kings Canyon National Park. The site is located on Highway 180 in Tulare County and is approximately 55 miles East of Fresno, California; at approximately 6,200 feet above sea level. The original entrance/fee collection facility was removed sometime around 2004-2005 because it was in the hazardous fall zone of a very large Giant Sequoia tree, so the new facility was designed and relocated to a spot that is out of the hazardous fall zone of the Giant Sequoia tree. Also the original entrance/fee collection facility only had one lane; now the new facility has two lanes with an administration lane and also the option for a third lane in the future (if needed). This reduces the idle time of vehicles waiting to get into the park and provides a much better experience for visitors. This facility consists of two new fee collection buildings and one building that serves as a generator and storage building. The generator is capable of running the entire facility and is equipped with a hospital grade automatic transfer switch which will allow the facility to be back up and running within seconds of a power outage; the reason for this was to accommodate the radio station that is housed inside the main fee collection kiosk building that serves as a base for law enforcement and other park related operations. The old facility was served with overhead power/phones lines which were all in very bad shape due to the falling objects and excessive snow loads over the years. All new lines were run in underground conduit which "cleaned-up" the appearance of the new entrance facility, and provides much safer and more dependable conditions for future operations. The buildings all feature LED exterior lighting, FSC certified lumber and natural "sierra-white" granite stone imported from parts of Yosemite National Park.


  • Clearing and Grubbing site/Tree removal
  • Exporting Dirt to Specified locations within the park
  • SWPPP Implementation and monitoring
  • Location and selective demolition of remaining facilities
  • Removal of old Septic tanks and leach fields
  • Construction of Natural Granite Rock Walls
  • Earthwork/Grading
  • New Septic tank and leach field construction
  • New Water line, tie into existing main and provide 4’ x 6’ Vault for better access to main
  • Underground Positive Fresh air system to the Kiosk Buildings
  • Construction of new buildings wood frame
  • HVAC System
  • Street lighting (LED) with associated underground conduit and pull boxes
  • Demo and reroute existing road without disruption of traffic flow
  • Paving
  • Propane Tank Installation

Owner: National Park Service PWR - Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park

Contract Value: $2,448,194.98 Completion Date: October 1, 2012

Reference: Available Upon Request